—Clearly define and understand the employers position.
—Build a consensus among the team as to the key competencies required.
—Discuss the responsibilities, experience preferences, specialty and location.
—Develop an in-depth target profile of the ideal candidate — mandatory skills and preferred attributes.
—Conduct targeted research on the employer and its competitors.

—We draw upon our available resources, contacts and referrals to accumulate the largest possible pool of candidates.
—Conduct original research to identify individuals whose experience, credentials, skills and accomplishments are a good match for our employer.
—Promote the opportunity through our extensive network.
—Conduct in-depth interviews of the top candidates to match their skills and career goals to the hiring team’s performance expectations.

—Assist client in interviewing finalists and narrowing the selection.
—Develop the strategy to on board the client’s final selected candidate.
—Facilitate agreement between client and candidate on terms of engagement, including compensation.
—Stay in contact with both parties to ensure a productive relationship.