If the year of 2020 hasn’t already grabbed our attention, the upcoming presidential election is just a few weeks away. This year has been full of changes and economic shifts that have left Americans wondering what the future holds. Healthcare is undoubtably one of the most important topics discussed during election years. The outcome of the 2020 presidential election will largely influence how Americans will obtain and afford healthcare and will also determine how taxpayer dollars are spent for healthcare costs. 
For some Americans, healthcare is provided by their employers through private insurance agencies. Other Americans rely heavily on government funded programs. With the cost of healthcare rising, many individuals and families are wondering how their payments and policies will change after the election. 
While both President Trump and former Vice President Biden agree healthcare costs should be reduced, their plans for healthcare are quite different. The main difference in their policies hinges on the federal government’s role in healthcare. 
President Trump plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and create a new plan that would give more decision-making power to the states rather than the federal government. On the other hand, Biden plans to expand the Affordable Care Act and create a public health care option. This would allow Americans the choice to buy into a government-run insurance plan. 
President Trump has emphasized his plan to lower the price of prescription drugs and insurance premiums through market competition. Biden plans to decrease prescription drug prices by letting Medicare negotiate discounts and by creating a review board to oversee drug prices. 
The opponents have also differed on their response to the pandemic. President Trump established the White House coronavirus task force in January to oversee federal involvement but has left many specific matters to the states such as supplies acquisition and mask mandates. Mr. Biden plans to have the federal government play a more centralized role in responding to the pandemic. He would propose mask mandates and restore federal funding to the World Health Organization that would help direct global health responses. 
Another hot topic in this election that relates to health care is on abortion. President Trump’s administration supports banning abortion with a few exceptions and will continue to decrease abortion’s federal funding. In contrast, Biden’s administration will support the choice of abortion and plans to increase federal funding for programs like Planned Parenthood that provide these services.
With such differing views, the outcome of this election will undeniably shape healthcare in the coming years. With only a few weeks until the election, learning about the opponents’ viewpoints on key issues like healthcare is a great way to help us make an informed decision when voting. Practice your right and make sure you vote!

About the Author: 

Taylor Korfhage, PA-C

Taylor has been an APPAA contributor since 2020. Taylor recently graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville TN.