The Lyle Group (“TLG”) is a specialized contingent staffing firm.  TLG sources Physician Assistant (“PA”) openings from current clients, prospective clients and referrals. We promote and encourage the hiring of PAs and assist with and expedite the interview and hiring process. Employers without dedicated PA recruiters, and employers with hard-to-fill PA positions, place great value on our assistance, because TLG sources candidates employers cannot find on their own.

Each day, TLG speaks with numerous PAs, screens candidates, and determines candidate preferences for location, specialty, practice setting, etc. Thereafter, TLG facilitates the hiring process by matching the candidate’s skills and preferences with TLG’s client openings. TLG’s service is especially helpful to gainfully employed PAs who either do not have the time to search for a new job, or are only passively looking and do not want to jeopardize their current employment.

TLG takes great pride in the diversity of its clients for whom it provides PAs. It also takes great pride in the relationships that it establishes, not only with its clients, but also with the PAs who are the lifeblood of its organization.