The Lyle Group ("TLG") is pleased to invite you to join our TLG Advisory Network. All TLG Advisory Network applicants, and the privileges accompanied by the nomination, must be approved by a Senior Director of the TLG Advisory Network and the chair of the admissions Committee.

Network Benefits

TLG Advisory Network members are entitled to provider referral fees, job referral fees, access to our peer-to-peer networking platform and can opt-in to become a PA or APRN Student Preceptor.


We have a monthly publication which is sent out to all Advisory Network members. This publication covers a range of topics including compensation, provider optimization, billing, reimbursement, retention, and scope of practice guidelines.


TLG was founded in 2006 and is a specialized recruitment and consulting firm focusing on recruitment and retention within the Physician Assistant and APRN sectors. Areas of strength include human capital, practice management consulting and data driven solutions to achieve positive results. We strive every day to advocate within the PA and APRN communities and to improve efficiencies and clinical effectiveness for our clients.

Special Events

TLG Advisory Network members are invited to attend our annual dinner meeting. The 2018 annual meeting is scheduled for May, 2018 in New York, NY.

Referral Fee Schedule

For each PA or APRN referral that is ultimately hired by a TLG client, the referring TLG Advisory Network member will receive a one-time flat fee of fifteen-hundred dollars ($1,500.00)

For each PA or APRN job opportunity referred to TLG and subsequently filled by TLG, the referring TLG Advisory Network member will receive a one-time flat fee of fifteen-hundred dollars ($1,500.00)

Consulting opportunities will be emailed to Advisory Network members. If interested, TLG will directly connect Advisory Network members to employers. Any hourly rates which may apply needs to be discussed and agreed upon between the Advisory Network member and employer.

We are excited to have you join the TLG Advisory Network. Please complete the application below!

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